Kings College Hospital

Our client, the designer was tasked with the redesign of the children’s ward. As well as looking great it also had to suit a very busy hospital environment and brighten the time spent here by the wide range of children needing specialist services. Our role was pivotal to executing the strong creative designs.
Challenge: The building was a mixture of old and new making installation difficult.  There were a lot of pre installation checks along the way to ensure that the surfaces we were working on were compatible with the variety of medias being used.  This had to happen prior to the manufacture & installation of the 422 sq m of bespoke wallpaper.
The graphics are going to be around for a long time so they need to be tough enough to withstand the hustle & bustle of a busy hospital; we used a liquid lamination process to ensure the graphics are good enough to do the job!

Client Feedback…
“You have done a great job on the graphics especially in the quality of the colour and the printing”

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