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Insiders guide to Christmas 18

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

We’re offering you the chance to get your hands on another one of our ‘Insider’s Guides’. This time we’ve turned our attention to Christmas 2018.

The Stylo team, along with industry influencers and experts have collaborated to bring you a rundown of the hottest materials, colours and textures we should all be working with this festive season.

No matter what stage you are at, the team at Stylo are always on hand to help and get you set for Christmas…even in July!

At Stylo, we create these guides ahead of each season to ensure we’re offering our clients exactly what they need.

This guide contains ‘must have’ colours, material’s and themes, carefully selected from months of research and trend projection. We usually keep these to ourselves, but this year we realised you might actually like to see them too... So here it is, our Insider’s Guide to Christmas 2018.

Merry Christmas in July!”


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