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You have a dream, we make it a reality; from creation to installation.


A stand-out spot, an inspiring environment or a space that speaks a thousand words; we fulfil ambitious visions with three decades of creative expertise and innovative technology. When we say “any environment”, we really mean it! So what kinds of clients do we work with?


Retail is where it all started for Stylo – it’s been our thing for more than three decades.

Over the years, we’ve expanded into full store revamps, retail windows, brand rollouts,

coffee shops, restaurants, one-off flagships and more.

This enables us to deliver any creative brief in its entirety; from design, print and props to installation.


Whether it’s a permanent feature, long-standing exhibition or a temporary display, we have the ability to turn any designers brief into reality. With the ability to print large-format, fine and high-quality prints, we can create the perfect informative exhibition for your museum or visitor space. 


We are specialists in office manifestation, wayfinding, graphics and props, from neon sings to 3D print.


Whether your office environment is modern and simplistic,or bright and bold, we can help you create
an environment that oozes your companies brand identity.


We know you want your event or launch to be memorable and impactful, and we know how to do it! From reboard structures, creative pop-ups and interactive displays, we can transform any space into an immersive experience.


Stylo Film and TV specialises in creative print, prop-making and large format print for productions.


Need a fast turnaround? No problem – one of its key strengths is understanding and accommodating the unique time expectations required by the industry, and being able to supply on time, all the time. You’d be lucky if they shared their secret, but since we’re all friends here, we’ll give you a sneak preview…

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