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At Stylo we are all about the future, which is why
we have invested in the amazingly eco-savvy QPrint.

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The Qprint has a print size of 3240 × 2030mm and a roll width of 3200mm. It has a clearance of 50mm so we can print very thick substrates too.

Using the adaptable registration pins we can adjust the zones of the vacuum and print different sizes simultaneously, which saves time, energy and lessens the environmental impact. Not only that, but it allows you to create accurate double-sided prints, first time every time.

Economical & Environmentally friendly

It’s designed to have minimal impact on the environment with barely any waste and negligible maintenance requirements.
In fact, once turned on, we could run the printer on a kettle lead, which is a first for such an industrial sized printer!

Lower energy consumption and longer, lasting printer heads prevents CO2 emissions during recycling!
Qprint uses LED systems and UV curing inks which allow low operating costs, high energy efficiency and low CO2 emissions.


Multiple Inks


QPrint has ten configurable colour channels this gives us the ability to be more diverse when printing, it allows us to create natural skin tones, subtle gradients, and shading. Styglow inks sit in two of these channels which give us the ability to produce stunning neon prints that are fluorescent in black light, amazing isn’t it!


When it comes to Lenticular prints, QPrint has it built into its DNA! We can create eye catching artwork by adding a third dimension, giving movement and that bit extra that stops you in your tracks. QPrint has built in systems that perform this technique and is executed using  clear lenses!

Raised Effect & Varnish

Raised effect & varnish offer printed items a major boost the scope of what we can produce is huge! We can select spot UV to highlight certain areas or flood the print with matt or gloss, everything is possible. We have the option to create ink layering to produce raised or relief prints more than 1mm thick Imagine creating 3D text just from ink or an artist’s individual paint strokes for that perfect reproduction!


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